Renee Xie


The Gallery Case features local artists from Canada on sublimation printed iPhone cases. We believe that art is an important aspect to the zest, continuous curiosity, and thought in society. We strive to preserve the admiration of art in our generation, and encourage others to support local.

  • Growing up as a dancer and a mother who teaches art classes, I was intrigued by the power of artistic expression. Interested with the world around us and how different artists show its perception, I decided to create The Gallery Case to allow local artists to continue doing their work, as well as showcase their incredible talent. Recently, I decided to pursue the field of business, and with going to Western University next year for BMOS and Ivey AEO, I wanted to learn and gain first hand experience in running a business.

  • BACD has provided me with all the necessary tools to start my own business. The resources, mentorship, and guidance has been extremely helpful, especially for those starting out. Despite the numerous business courses I’ve taken in high school, having personalized support has allowed me to gain a further understanding on how to be successful business owner.

  • The amount of sales I received at launch was incredibly surprising, and the support I saw was amazing. Within the first few days of launch, I sold over 30 cases, with orders coming in from all around Canada and the United States.

  • Social media marketing is where the bulk of my orders have been from. Most importantly, creating a professional website and visually appealing feed has grown my following. In addition, exchanging a subsidized price for a social media shoutout of the product was a useful way to make profit, and also receive advertising.

  • Starting a business is always about learning. There will be problems, road bumps, and obstacles. However, an entrepreneur should never take these as failure. Throughout every problem, there is a way out, and an opportunity for learning. No one can be a perfect business owner, but as long as we continue to work diligently, respectfully, and with integrity, starting a business is an amazing experience.

  • I believe that there is a never an age where you can run a business. Whether you’re ten years old and selling cupcakes on your driveway (something I actually once did), or seventy years old and selling bracelets, there is always learning, and always development. Especially with the incredibly helpful resources BACD provides, there really is no excuse that should prevent you from pursuing your passion! If we stop making excuses and start doing, our successes will come our way!