Sebastian Szczepek


I provide grass cutting and trimming services

  • I always read about successful people in life such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and all of them own at least one business so I thought I will start with a lawn care business as there will always be a need for grass to be cut for businesses and homes and it will teach me how to run a business especially for the future when I start other businesses

  • As a new business owner and it being my first time starting a business there were a lot of things that i had questions about and lots of unknowns and BACD and my mentor helped me with any questions I had and taught me so much

  • I first got an offer to cut the grass at a mushroom farm with two locations both big size lawns and once I started there one of the owners recommended me to a friend of his and I got a couple of places by just people telling their friends and when I got lawn signs I got a couple more calls

  • As a lawn care company, I find my most successful marketing strategies are having the yard signs on lawns I cut, so when someone drives by and sees a freshly cut and maintained lawn they will call or text me. Another successful marketing strategy is word of mouth. I had one client and he was pleased and then he told his co workers and I got a couple inquires about their lawns.

  • Work hard, if you work hard in anything you can become successful, if you have a business test your products or services before you sell them to people you want your product to be successful and will have people coming back, if you build a product and it breaks people won’t come back and get more they will go to another company make sure your product is the best one out there