As you think about growing your business, you could be unsure of exactly what your options are.  Let’s work together to create a plan for scaling your business. Whether it’s a business plan, workflows and automation or increasing your sales and rebranding – we can brainstorm and come up with an action plan together.


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Our certified business advisors are entrepreneurs themselves and passionate about helping you succeed in your business.

The fundamental elements for a successful business are the same across all industries with a few differences such as manufacturing, service or product based businesses. Our role is to be your advisory partner, help you formulate an action plan for success and provide support and encouragement.

We use a comprehensive tool called Growth Wheel – a simple action oriented process that helps you expand on building an attractive business concept, creating a strong organization, developing lasting client relationships while operations are profitable and sustainable.

Our advisory services are free if you live and own a business in Durham Region for up to 8 sessions. If you are from outside the region you can connect with your small business centre (locations here or we’d be happy to book you an advisory meeting with the service fee of $50 per session. For additional services, click here for information.

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Expanding your Marketing & Increasing your Sales Revenues.

Refine your marketing activities, work on your pitches, define different strategies for engaging with your customers, and how you are expressing the core marketing message.

In our advisory sessions we can work on strengthening the sales cycle, planning sales activities, working on the customer pipeline, preparing for objections you might get from leads and prospects, and defining your company’s service offerings.

Meet with our business advisors to review your marketing and sales strategy, plan a brand refresh or update your business development plan.


Hiring Employees or need to outsource?

Will you need to recruit or manage a team? We can work through plans on writing job descriptions, doing employee training, calculating staff cost/benefit, defining the organization chart, and describing future employee profiles.

Our advisors can also help you understand the legal obligations of an employer and the Employment Standards Act.

Meet with our business advisors to go through a hiring plan, to review your workflow process or to learn more about outsourcing.


Financing Options & Knowing your Numbers

Ready to finance your expansion? We have a microloan program and can also set you on the right path to developing your business plan.

We can assist you in understanding cash management, preparing sales forecasts, reviewing the cost structure, and looking into your company’s profitability and how it can improve as well as deciding between different financing options, preparing information for and negotiating with the lender, exploring alternative investment opportunities and reviewing current and future risks in the business.

Meet with our business advisors to go through a business planning session and the templates to use.

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