As you think about starting a business, you will have so many questions. The Business Advisory Centre Durham is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer free workshops and resources to help you navigate through the essential steps required to turn your start up idea into a profitable business. Getting an understanding of the basic fundamentals will help you make decisions and take actions ultimately saving you time in running your business, help you make more money and give you confidence to build a successful business.


We have work­shops & events on relevant business topics. Kick off your journey by checking out our curated list of Events.


There are several funded programs for new business­es. Select what is right for you.


We have many resources relating to starting a business. Click here to get started.

Business Advisory Centre Durham can help you take those first steps to starting a business.

Get started with us now! We have weekly start up sessions led by our business advisors who can answer your questions about starting a business and the steps involved.

Our certified business advisors are entrepreneurs themselves and passionate about helping you succeed in your business.

The fundamental elements for a successful business are the same across all industries with a few differences such as manufacturing, service or product based businesses. Our role is to be your advisory partner, help you formulate an action plan for success and provide support and encouragement.

Our advisory services are free if you live and own a business in Durham Region. If you are from outside the region, you can connect with your local small business centre (find your locations: or we’d be happy to book you a meeting with the service fee of $50 per session. For additional services, click here for information.

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Attend our Start Up Session Workshop

Run weekly and free to attend. This 90 minute session covers the essential steps to starting a small business including researching your idea, registering a business name, licenses & permits, HST, business banking, insurance, hiring employees, next steps and considerations. This is your opportunity to ask all your questions!

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Validate your Business Idea

Market research will help you see if your business is viable, are there customers looking for your services, how much will they pay and are there enough customers looking for that service to keep you in business for a long time?

This is also covered in our Start Up Session workshop and read article on Market Research.


Plan your Business

Our BACD Business Fundamentals: Business Planning Workshop covers all the elements in the Lean Canvas methodology. It’s a one page business plan that helps you consider what you need to move your business forward, which decisions to consider and what to take action on. A good business plan is a solid foundation for a successful business. It is your roadmap and guides you to reach the milestones you have set.

Register for a Business Fundamental workshop or book a meeting with our business advisors to get your template.


Develop a Marketing and Sales Plan for your Business

The BACD Business Fundamentals: Marketing & Sales Workshop covers the essentials of what to include in your marketing and sales strategy for your business. Identify your ideal customer, value proposition and your core messaging as well as the marketing tactics and sales channels you need to start and grow your business.

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Develop your Business Operations and get an understanding of your Business Finances

The BACD Business Fundamentals: Financials & Operations builds on the other sessions and provides an understanding of good record keeping (providing you with peace of mind) and the accounting & financial basics including cash management, budgeting, pricing and sales forecasting We will also discuss why developing operational strategies and SOP’s help you to save time and money.

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You can CONTACT OUR OFFICE for general information or to book a ONE-ON-ONE SESSION (free if you are located in Durham Region) with one of our Certified Business Advisors to talk about your business.

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