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Eric Perez-Salas

As a graduate of Durham College, Ontario Tech University and Trent University, he is a highly educated and dedicated member of his community.

His journey started by helping out a family business thrive in a digital world, replicating those results for many others across North America. Eric is actively seeking to advocate on behalf of local businesses in their communities.

The mission of StandOut Social Marketing is to help businesses increase their marketing ROI through a structured, positive and professional relationship that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful strategies to grow their businesses.

StandOut Social Marketing is a grassroots, established digital marketing agency with a goal of helping bridge the gap between local businesses and high-end marketing strategies.

Your success in the digital world depends on two things – driving visitors to your online channels and converting them into customers once they get there.

To help you do so, our digital marketing experts examine your online presence and offer solutions that help build your visibility and credibility. Services range from Paid Advertising, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Consulting and more.

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