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Chantal is a human resources expert, previously working in-house and leading teams, with premium brands and top employers, such as BMW Group Canada and Starbucks Coffee Canada. Most recently, leading the human resources department in a high growth, electric vehicle, start-up organization. She is passionate about creating and implementing people-focused programs and strategies that drive the success of the business, together with employee satisfaction.

With her past experience, Chantal has become an expert at navigating difficult employee topics and supporting people leaders with challenging conversations. She has had the opportunity to create new programs and establish culture from scratch, as well as enhance existing people strategies to be more effective.

iHR Advisory Services is an innovative, on-demand human resources advisory and executive coaching company.

As certified Human Resources experts, we provide practical Human Resources policies and procedures. We also provide guidance on how to coach people and solve business challenges, so leaders can drive their organization forward to greater success. You are tapping into an entire team of seasoned entrepreneurs, human resources practitioners and access to the iHR Learning Portal.

At iHR everything they do is customized for every client. Each program contains a customized project plan that may include:

✓ iHR Health Check/Audit
✓ Employment Contracts
✓ Customized HR Policy Manual
✓ Work Performance and Professional Development Program
✓ Total Compensation (pay, benefits, etc.)
✓ Job Design Program (the structure and description of roles)
✓ Health & Safety and Workplace Accommodation SProgram
✓ Recruitment Program to support hiring
✓ Onboarding Program
✓ Termination Planning and Support
and more.

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