Audra Leslie

Graymatter Media and Marketing

Audra is a networking and business leader with expertise in managing multiple sales and service programs while exceeding financial objectives and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Audra has over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and media research fields, working with Global, National and Provincial, local, community and not-for profit programs. Audra excels at understanding customer needs, relationship building and collaborating both internally and externally, as well as coaching and developing team members. Audra is passionate about bringing new ideas to life and making current ones work to their full potential. Audra and her busy family like to spend time up north hiking, swimming, boating and just hanging out enjoying time together.

Graymatter Marketing & Media is a full-service firm with experience in all aspects of strategic development. Our services include branding and custom design, online strategies, relationship building, web development, SEO, electronic marketing, social media, video creation, media purchasing and custom magazine publishing, which are all key to strong brand growth. Our digital media TV network uses the latest technology to enhance the way your company is providing education, information and support with one of today’s most effective platforms.

We have worked with global, national, local companies, organizations and associations.

From the initial brief to the final execution, we skillfully manage every phase, on time and on budget.

Graymatter helps its clients develop sound growth strategies to creatively ignite their brands and reach beyond the realm where they currently operate.

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