Joe Webber


Located in the region of Durham, Traffic Control People is a full-service traffic management company providing the finest highly trained personnel. Our reputation is built on service and client satisfaction. When you need traffic control for short or long term projects, we have the people for you. We are 40% cheaper than all of our competition. And we do not have travel time charges in Durham.

Joe Webber has been a Durham Region resident since 2009. From starting his professional career as a sales rep, he took a job as a traffic control person and fell in love with every aspect of it – being outdoors, meeting new people, and working in different locations every day. After 4 years of being trained by some of the best in the industry Joe realized there were no traffic control companies in Durham Region and decided to start his own company.

This lead him to becoming a BACD client who helped him design the business plan and put an action plan together. BACD helped me stayed motivated and guided me through any new challenges including hiring employees.

In May 2017, Traffic Control People was 1 truck, and 2 staff. By July the word spread that I had started this company and that one of our goals was to ensure our staff were taken care, especially in the area of safety while on the job. At that point, I had 6 people who I had worked with in the past come to join us as staff members and we added 3 new trucks.

By December 2017, we had 5 trucks and 12 AMAZING dedicated Traffic Control People that had bought into a new way of thinking when it comes to safety and we had done over $300,000 in our first year.

Today, TCP has 7 trucks ad 18 talented TCPs (16 of our staff live in the Durham Region).

We hope to continue to employ dedicated local residents (we will only grow as talent is available) and provide services to 65 incredibly loyal clients.  And the big news is we are on pace to do $1.5 this year.