Melissa Paterson


Being in love with art and design her whole life, Melissa began creating eCommerce websites in July of 2017, and founded Gurus 4 You. Strange name, right? Well, prior to launching her company, Melissa worked for Shopify Inc. as a Merchant Success Guru, helping Sellers make the most out of their Shopify subscriptions and websites. Now she takes her skills and training in art and design, paired with her knowledge and behind the scenes experience of the Shopify Platform to help small business owners create and maintain their own stunning websites.

As a creative entrepreneur herself, she developed a unique niche and bond working with individuals whose passion it is to sell the work that they create with their own two hands. She’s worked with a variety of creatives; from soap makers, to children’s clothing designers, woodworkers and even a crystal jewelry designer who has been featured on the Price is Right!

Melissa lives in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband and two dogs, Rockus and Garbaroo, and loves to chat art, travel and of course, your dream website!

She offers services in:

  • One-on-One Training
  • eCommerce Web Design Packages
  • Website Analysis Reports
  • Mentoring for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • 24/48 Hours to Launch Weekends (Digital and In-Person Workshops)