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Cheryl Wilson


Cheryl is the owner of The Maker's Hub Canadian Handmade. In 2014, Founder Cheryl Wilson, a maker herself, despised porch pickups. Aside from the obvious privacy and security concerns, was the glaring lack of customer service. An innovative idea was born - a centralized pickup service. The research and planning started. In 2017 The Maker’s Hub opened offering a safe and secure location for home based businesses to offer pickups to their local customers and are super passionate about handmade brands and help by connecting the makers with the shoppers.

Cheryl says she would definitely recommend the BACD to anybody starting or growing a business. When starting up a business, it can be really intimidating to know where to start. The BACD is there equipped to handle exactly this.

Working with the Business Advisors at BACD is like having somebody who knows what they’re doing in your corner and they are excited and ready to help. After meeting with the BACD you will definitely feel more confident about your business. You will have the tools you need to take those next steps in your business and when things don’t go quite as planned. Or perhaps there’s exceptional growth and you’re not sure how to deal with this among a myriad of other things that come up with in business. You can always turn to the BACD and know that you have somebody there in your corner to help you through.

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