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Salma Nadaf


MOOSE MOONRace provides sustainable solutions for outdoor fun. We provide clothing and accessories for all outdoor activities mainly for camping and hiking. We understand you love your pets while being outdoors so we got the collection for your pets too. We are serving mainly outdoorsy people who love camping and year-round hiking activities. Soon, we are going to launch customized printing of clothing that can be again suitable for campers and hikers.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I am a vivid hiker and a nature lover. During my last year’s visit to Algonquin highlands, I was inspired by the beauty of the wilderness of forests. With this inspiration from nature, I decided to integrate my passion and love for nature with my profession. This led to the launching of MOOSE MOONRace. The brand name is given from the niche market of campers who love to spot MOOSE and stay active by racing with Moon in the night.

What value did you get from BACD?
The main purpose of joining BACD was to get proper direction and advice from experienced professionals. Fortunately, my business advisor, Patrice, from the SCP program of BACD addressed my concerns by providing proper guidance in every session. Weekly activity logs submission and regular sessions with my mentor helped me to keep track of everyday business operations and financials. This also led to strategic planning for the business.

What marketing strategies have you used for your business?
Since the launch of the business, many processes and products were in the pilot phase. There was continuous testing of them to validate all kinds of assumptions. Since the global pandemic, there is more traffic on social media channels, so we decided to start with Organic marketing. We started with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterst and Tiktok. It was hard to focus on multiple channels, so initially, I started marketing with the most popular and busy channels like Facebook and Instagram. This brought some traffic to the website and also some direct sales through FB shop options. As these channels have a lot of terms and conditions, sometimes it acts as a hindrance but overall, they are beneficial and organic.

What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a business?
Market research is a very important step in the beginning. This helps in identifying the target customer and understanding their actual problems. After launching a business, initially one can test the different products and processes so as to validate assumptions. The successful processes/products can be continued and focussed on to grow further.

Shop from MOOSE MOONRace and have outdoor fun. While camping spot the MOOSE and RACE with the MOON.