Jennifer Gallienne & John A. Cook

Founders of Koolway Sports

In 2008, Jennifer, a person dedicated to the world of Disabilities in Durham Region, and John, an international marketer with extensive experience in the US, joined forces and by 2009, Koolway Sports was born. The pair provide a line of outerwear that is warm, accessible, fashionable and comfortable, and that is tailored to the needs of users of wheelchairs.

About Koolway Sports

Through their combined efforts over the last 7 years, Koolway Sports has expanded the focus for those facing difficulties each and every day across Ontario, all of Canada, into the USA and the EU Countries. Today, Koolway Sports is a true International designer and manufacturer of outerwear for the world of disabilities with world headquarters here in Whitby and Durham Region.

Koolway Sports believes in what we are doing is very important, it’s not about us but our clients Living Life the Koolway!

How has BACD helped you in your business?

I am very happy that I have a business plan and everything is working according to my plan. The first year was as I anticipated, my second year is looking good and I am on the right track. I am proud of the achievement, my clients are great!

How did BACD help you?

We would not be where we are today without the help and guidance of Teresa Shaver and staff at the Whitby BACD. They have help us with our development and expansion ideas and a wonderful set of extra eyes from 10,000 feet. We look forward to continuing working with them as we climb even higher mountains and successfully complete many of our “Koolway Sports blackboard bucket List items”.