Wonea Dyer


KnotsbyWonelove is organic (natural process) slow fashion- a handmade to order crochet swim and apparel brand. Bringing a fresh and new twist to a traditional style of constructing fashion, while including and celebration the beauty in our confidence and femme fatale but also honour the tenderness within all of us soft, beautiful and powerful women.

  • Owning my own time more than anything else, but I also wanted to be in the position as an artist where I could share my creations with folks who truly appreciate my contributions.

  • The zoom meetings are very informative, as are the mentors. I appreciate how accessible assistance is, should we need it. I do not have a business background in academia at all, so I didn’t know a lot of things initially. BACD provided me with the resources to learn how to develop basically all aspects of my business.

  • I create all products- no other employees. Located in Bowmanville, ON

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  • Be sure to check your resources (financial, access to knowledge etc)  and go for it without doubt and without fear.