Danielle Murphy


Insight Media is a marketing agency that connects businesses with local Nano-Influencers to promote their brand and reach the right audience. Insight Media creates, manages and measures brand's campaigns on Instagram.

  • Having worked as a Brand Ambassador for a variety of marketing agencies, I developed a strong passion for leading and executing digital campaigns for brands. This led to studying Digital Media Management at the University of Toronto. With my education and work opportunities, I felt I had the experience and knowledge to take it one step further and start my own business. I have always had an entrepreneurial side to me and love the independence and flexibility of starting my own business.

  • BACD has been a tremendous help in leading me in the right direction for my business. The group sessions have particularly enhanced my skills in the areas of eCommerce and Customer Relations & Operations. The hands-on coaching and mentoring BACD provides has given me the confidence to embark on new challenges and keep growing my business.

  • As of recently, my website is launched and I am currently accepting clients. I have 1 employee and am based in Oshawa.

  • My main marketing strategy has been advertising through email outreach. I also found having a strong website and social media presence to be successful for my business. I invested in a professional logo and ensured my branding was consistent across all platforms. Maintaining a current and relevant blog and implementing search engine optimization has helped ensure I am found by potential clients more easily.

  • The advice I would give to someone who wants to start their own business is first to make sure they are passionate and committed to their idea. Creating a task list and setting deadlines is crucial for ensuring you are always moving forward. I would also focus on reaching out to your personal network and always work on expanding it. Using resources such as BACD is also very helpful for growing leadership skills and learning a variety of business strategies.