Victoria Leask


House of Albi is an interior design firm offering full-service interior design and decorating. We pride ourselves in providing luxury services in an approachable and comfortable manner for every client. Whether you are renovating in the suburbs, building a custom home or furnishing a blank canvas, each and every client is guided through their project by our professional team.

What problems or challenges were you experiencing that prompted you to seek out BACD?
When I turned to BACD, I struggled with where to start with my business and where to focus my time and energy. I wanted to start on the right foot and build my business following the right steps. I had lists upon lists and lists of lists which were completely overwhelming! I needed help creating a clear path with steps to follow to build my business.
What value did you receive from BACD?
Working with BACD has helped me to create a clear path with steps to building my business. I am so grateful for the workshops which have been packed full of information. I feel confident in the business planning process thanks to these workshops! I have also been lucky enough to have participated in the Summer Company in 2016 which has also given me the confidence to start another business today!
How has it impacted you and your business?
Since working with BACD, I have felt less overwhelmed with what to do next planning my business. I can confidently make easy-to-follow steps and consolidate my lists and focus on what is important right now! I have also gained the confidence to network outside of the BACD workshops. Although the workshops are packed with information, networking within the workshops has been a huge benefit as well!