Ajax, ON


Debra Wright


Bloomingdale Wedding Couture & Events is a company that takes your event dream and make it a memorable event. We do social, launches and corporate events. Event decor and floral design is also a part of our repertoire.

I was inspired to start my own business because of my passion for people and events. I love seeing people happy and knowing that I could help them to enjoy their special events.

At BACD the courses that we worked at were very enlightening and gave me the ability to run my business as a business. Also the ability to get a grant to help with the company startup.
They opened our knowledge to doing business correctly.

I would encourage anyone wanting to start or grow their business to look into working with the BACD.

The marketing strategies were extremely important to me. I loved the fact that we were shown how to find our ideal client and then put our marketing to work for us. I love to use some social media and print. Crafting my business story to share with my ideal client made a big difference.

When starting your own business, look for a program with a similar company such as BACD. Know who your ideal client is and make sure to have a business mentor and a support system.

Being in business for yourself is very rewarding but it is a lot of work and you need to be consistent in every area of your business. When it takes off and you are growing it gives you a great sense of accomplishment.