TUCU Managed IT Services Inc.


Zoe Tsoraklidis

Zoe Tsoraklidis is a partner and the Services Coordinator at TUCU Managed IT Services Inc. Zoe spent more than a decade solving problems in small businesses before moving to TUCU - where she continues to solve problems for small business. Zoe is focused on helping small and medium businesses become aware of technology needs in their blind spots, and connecting them with the highly skilled IT experts on team TUCU. When TUCU becomes your outsourced IT department, techaches fade away and business goals come into focus.


Work with TUCU to help you with:

IT Setup Services - Local server and network or cloud infrastructure for your new business - setup for you - end to end.

Cyber Security Services - Modern best practices to help your team work securely (BYOD, Identity Access Management, DLP, etc) and help you prevent digital loss, defend against cyber threats, viruses and ransomware, internal data theft and more.

IT Security Compliance: We will ensure you pass compliance audits (ISO, NIST, PIPEDA etc) and meet client expectations.

IT Outsourcing & IT Management for Small Business - whether you have 5 staff or 55 - cyber security management has changed in recent years. We will take care of everything for you.

Contact Zoe and Team TUCU to discover how today's businesses are growing and thriving with top notch IT support services helping every step of the way.

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