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Zoe Tsoraklidis

Zoe Tsoraklidis is the Vice President and Partner at TUCU Managed IT Services Inc. TUCU provides IT Security Management Services including computer security, network security, cloud and data security – all fully managed for you.

Zoe was first a client of the BACD many years ago and is now a member of the Referral Network with the aim to help small businesses level up their IT systems.

For example, did you know that antivirus software is now considered an old tool that is largely ineffective against modern cyber threats? TUCU pairs antivirus with current security tools to help clients safeguard their email accounts and company data.

TUCU is a Microsoft Certified Partner and cloud experts who will help you fully adopt and optimize the security tools Microsoft offers, including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft InTune, Endpoint Manager, CASBE and more.

TUCU offers 3 levels of IT security management to help small businesses find the right fit. They are:
*SimplicIT Plus

Any plan can be modified to fit your needs. With SimplicIT, you will get protection from known viruses, fileless threats & ransomware that slip past outdated antiviruses, blocking of malicious apps & browser extensions, and downtime prevention caused by hardware failure.  This computer security plan is a great place to start for solopreneurs and small teams.

SimplicIT Plus builds on computer security by adding server and network security options. For growing teams of 10 or more, many find that adding help desk services makes sense, and is a cost-effective solution for IT support for teams.

SecurIT offers fully compliant, fully managed IT security built on today’s best practices. You control who can log in, what they can access, how data is labelled, stored, shared (or not) and more. IT compliance and business growth is the focus here, with Identity Management, Mobility Solutions, Cloud and Data Security controls, Security Event & Incident Management and more.

Services Cover:
*Antivirus, Endpoint Detection, Threat Hunting and Patching Solutions
*Application Allow Listing
*Application Granular Control
*Network Security Management
*Server Management
*IT Security Solutions
*Cloud App Security
*Identity & Access Management
*Mobile Device Management & BYOD
*Conditional Access
*Data Backup, Data Restore Testing
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness
*Strategic IT Planning
*Help Desk Services
*Data Governance
*Data Security and Data Loss Prevention
*SIEM - Security Incident and Event Monitoring
*Continuous vCIO Services
*IT Compliance Management

Technology keeps changing. TUCU will help you stay current and maximize your Microsoft 365 security suite and tools. Reach out to TUCU to schedule a free Discovery Call today.

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