Joshua Gamilla

President & Founder

Using clothing, we want to spread the word on how remarkable everyone is, in matter the colour of your skin, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Using our clothes, we hope to bring awareness to social justice issues including gender equality, lgbtq awareness, environmental issues, and so much more. Each collection donates a portion of sales to a designated charity. We believe in living the Remarkable Life!!

  • I am the president and founder of a non profit, so I’ve always been into social justice, hence me starting this. Some of these collections have been inspired by my personal life like Remarkable Mother is inspired by single mom who had to raise 3 teens by herself. I’m a huge human right and social justice activist and that played a huge part on the idea I had.

  • Honestly, attending these workshops had helped me a lot. It taught me a lot on what I can do to market my business. I’ve taken a couple of business classes in high school, but listening to actual entrepreneur has helped me a lot in developing and showcasing my idea.

  • Currently everything is Online, but I hope after COVID-19, I can do some pop up boutiques because I think that will be really fun to connect face to face with customers. I have no employees, but I’ve been getting some ambassadors who get a discount on items so they can showcase my products