Bowmanville, ON


Clover Raftis and Tracy Brown


TART – Talent Attraction & Retention Team was born out of the concept that with the right guidance every company can be a sought after employer. We want to give every company the tools to build the ultimate team.

We are here to help and offer a full range of customized and sustainable recruiting and retention solutions delivered through consulting projects designed to:

- Harness the power of YOUR employer brand
- Tailored recruitment strategies that empower you (and your hiring managers) to own the process with our support and expertise
- Interview and selection techniques that go beyond ineffective templated and cookie cutter practices and strategies
- Develop on-boarding initiatives to round out the new hire experience and enhance retention

But it doesn't stop there! Working WITH you we can create customized, practical, and action driven HR plans to support the operational function. We use people-centered strategy development rather than templated policy administration.

To further support our clients, we have also developed informative course style webinars covering various topics relating to recruitment, selection and empowered human resources management.

While you are busy building your company, building your product brand and, leading the charge to success, TART will be right there, taking care of the people aspect of your business with you.........because in business, every person counts.

Once upon a time there was a recruitment account manager who loved to search for some of the toughest skill sets for the Durham Region. And on one fall day she met by chance a Corporate Human Resource Professional who had 20 years of experience who loved perfecting the art of developing and implementing employee engagement and retention procedures.

They talked about the transactions that occur between recruitment agencies and companies, and at the end of it all they agreed, something was missing. The transaction was killing the company’s candidate pipelines, it was also hurting the candidates ability to find fulfilling employment rapidly. There had to be a way for companies to attract talent without such a huge cost. Those savings could go directly into the engagement and retention of their current employees!!

And so, Clover Raftis, the Account Manager, and Tracy Brown, The HR professional developed TART, Talent Attraction and Retention Team.

BACD provided excellent insight into our marketing efforts and helped us round out our vision into a reality.  Through our journey we have met with some amazing entrepreneurs who have become our “tribe”.

One of the most impactful aspects was having the “tough” questions asked through our mentoring sessions and getting clear on who we are, what we offered and having the confidence to then put that into action.

We currently operate out of one location.  Our partnership of two is what we have at the moment, however we can see a clear path to growth as our client base continues to expand.

Having meaningful, authentic and relevant content on all of our social media channels has been priceless.  We took the time to develop a comprehensive website that truly reflects who we are.  And of course, we have a fantastic network of people standing beside us!

Listen to yourself and be true to your vision.  One thing we found along the way is that everyone has an opinion.  And this is good!!  But what you need to do is filter through those opinions and know when to grab onto something and when to let go of something.  Have a clear purpose of who and what you are and where you want to go then make sure everything you do is moving the needle in that direction.  You are playing the long game – overnight success isn’t always the result.