Sara Mackinnon


Muskoka Gems is a jewelry business. I sell homemade bracelets and necklaces, host birthday parties, and have pop up booths at local markets.

  • I grew up with a cottage in Muskoka, and every time I went up I would explore the islands of Canadian shield, scanning and scavenging for the best pieces of quartz. For Christmas, one year, I was gifted a rock tumbler, some wire and a few plyers when I was 12. I was so exited to turn found rough stone, found from my cottage, to smooth and round works of art that I could make unique jewellery and accessories from. I loved making necklaces from these stones so much, that I expanded into other crystals and gems like amethyst and howlite. When people started complimenting my jewellery and requesting custom pieces, I decided to put my passion into practise. I began Muskoka gems, where I make, sell custom and hand crafted jewellery pieces.

  • I have learned to market. How to purchase product, set up websites, set a budget and commerce. I am grateful to have a mentor who shares knowledge, experience and helps guide me to improve and be better at running a successful jewellery business.

  • I am my only business employee. I work all over Duham Region and sell internationally online. I do parties, workshops, pop ups and markets. I create and run my social media from my home.

  • Instagram, Wix, networking and I know that Facebook (which I am just learning about will prove to be helpful too.

  • Go for it! It takes effort and vision and passion. So if you have a passion that excites you and you think others would benefit from you sharing this product, skill or service do it! But passion is what guides your hard work ethic to be successful, so passion, skills and talents are what drive success.

  • Thank you for this information, not only have I learned a great deal about how to make Muskoka Gems successful, I feel I can apply this learning to possible future business endeavours when I get older.