Karen Hudson

Bath & Bower

Bath & Bower is a handcrafted luxury candle, wax melt and home décor studio in Whitby. Our collection is eco-friendly and free of toxins, which means no phthalates, parabens, dyes, stabilizers or additives that are often hidden in the mass-produced candles found in the big box stores and that none of us should be breathing. Bath & Bower offers a clean-burning alternative!

Our stylish candles have a modern aesthetic to complement any décor and are beautifully scented and attractively boxed for thoughtful gifting or even better, a special indulgence for oneself!

Healthy living has always been important to me, and even more so after I had my children. I became very aware of what products I was bringing into our home and educated myself on the many undesirable and toxic ingredients that are in most commercial household and personal care products.
I’ve always had a passion for candles and beautiful home fragrance and when I became aware of all the unnecessary and dangerous ingredients contained in most candles, I purged my home and started looking for toxin-free options. I was looking for a clean-burning candle that also had the aesthetic that I desired. I wanted a candle that I would be proud to display in my home so I decided I would embark on a new adventure and create my own unique collection!

My biggest challenge has definitely been marketing my business. Digital marketing including grasping all the many nuances of social media, has been a steep learning curve for me. Obviously gaining a solid understanding of digital is vital to the success of a mainly e-commerce business, so I reached out to BACD for their amazing support.

BACD has been an invaluable resource for me from the start. I’ve taken full advantage of their many professional webinars and other learning opportunities as they’ve come up. I was honoured to recently be accepted into their Starter Company Plus Program which includes several hours of mentoring and learning which I’m beyond thrilled and so grateful to be a part of.
The BACD team is so incredibly supportive and they go above and beyond every day to provide guidance and positivity to Durham Region small business owners so we all have every opportunity to achieve success. We’re so lucky to have this wonderful support in our community!

The support BACD has provided me has impacted my business in a multitude of ways. They partner with Digital Main Street which gave me access to a program that helped me build my website free of charge, allowing me to get my brand out in front of customers and start selling so much faster.
The non-stop learning and all the business contacts and connections that I have made thanks to the BACD, are priceless.

Take the plunge and do it! After spending 25 years on the Corporate side, in roles that were entirely unfulfilling and extremely high stress, I speak from experience! I missed out on so much family time, between the exhausting work hours I had no control over, and the long commute to Toronto every day. For me, life as an entrepreneur is freedom! Every moment I work on my business directly benefits me and my family. Of course it’s very hard work and not without its unique challenges, but waking up every day with a bounce in your step, a purpose and a passion is something that we just can’t put a price on!