Mark Williams

Splashball Basketball

Splashball Basketball takes fun to the next level by turning your basketball net into a Splash Zone.

Splashball is fun for the whole family and children who love basketball. Splashball is a water spraying accessory that attaches to a basketball rim. Connect your garden hose to the Splashball unit and you are ready to play on your driveway court or pool-side net. On a hot day, each time a shot is made a time release valve sprays the play area. Have fun with Splashball, enjoy new games and develop shooting skills. Add value to that under used basketball net, and get the kids out playing

This is no plastic toy; Splashball’s all steel construction means it is built to withstand the high forces of repeated basketball impacts.
An actuator arm mounted to the main housing responds to the downward force of a basketball resulting in water spray after a successful basket.
At the heart of the Splashball unit is a commercial grade, forged brass water valve to provide reliable, long-lasting fun for children and their families.
The time delay water valve provides a 4 second spray with each basket, this helps to conserve water resulting in a more conservative, eco-friendly product when compared with the constant spray of other water toys.
Installation is easy; it comes with all hardware needed to attach to your home basketball rim including installation instructions. Hardware includes: activation plate, brackets, thumb screws)

Let’s get outside this summer and play Splashball!

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The guidance from BACD has helped me understand the processes for getting a new start up going as has the tools helped set the tone for work to be done.  Support from local contacts in the industry, the business plan, advertising and marketing plan and other great resources such as digital mainstream.

We are a small team and taking it day by day while keeping our spirit going has helped us in this process. Our business is online.  We have 2-3 employees that support the initiatives.

We have had some growth in the summer of 2021 and hope to do the same with our product for summer of 2022.