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Karen Clarke


“Connecting Aptitude to Opportunity”, ASpectrum works to dispel stereotypes, reduce stigma and promote inclusivity for Neurodivergent career seekers to enable them the ability to secure competitive employment experiences across Canada.

Founded in 2020, ASpectrum is an employment agency that successfully supports the Neurodiverse community source, secure and sustain meaningful employment, or pursue entrepreneurship. They specialize in strength-based, trauma-informed career development integration coaching for neurodiverse individuals facing barriers to employment, and provide support to their employers for long term success.

What value did you receive from BACD?

BACD has been integral in connecting us with grants for business growth and helping us organize our thoughts, goals and dreams to make us see they are actually achievable within the next few years. They’ve also helped encourage us by reinforcing that we ar. We were connected with valuable workshops and trainings that helped me get over my fear of numbers and financials, assited us in navigating huge budget proposals and connected us with funding to design our website. Most importantly, BACD has reinforced that we are creating something meaningful with a ripple effect far bigger than ASpectrum. They have become our biggest cheerleaders and advocates!

What advice would you give someone starting their own business?

JUST DO IT!! I spent years contemplating IF I should start ASpectrum and HOW I would do it. The best advice, offered by a fellow entrepreneur was that the hardest part is committing to simply start. Everything else figures itself out. (with hard work, of course :))