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Ahmed Kufaishi


Alary Technologies is an Apple Certified Consultant providing Managed IT Services to clients in regulated professional industries (medical, law, financial services) that help them protect their sensitive client data and maximizing staff productivity. By combining expertise in Apple products and services, their unique client’s requirements, and other industry solutions like Office 365, Alary is able to be responsive, thorough, and most importantly trusted by their clients.

You chose to run your business on Apple Technology because you see the value in making strategic investments. You know that with the right tools for the job, your teams perform better, and your organization is more successful.

Alary means wings. Wings to help you reach new heights, but also wings to protect you. Your Apple technology is incredible, but not perfect. Like any technology platform it needs to be maintained, secured, and sometimes repaired. Maintenance and security should be invisible to your teams, and problems resolved quickly when they happen.

Our team has over 100 combined years of experience with Apple products and more tenure than most Apple stores. We’re highly knowledgeable about the entire Apple ecosystem and continuously learning. Our clients are professionals across medical, legal, and design industries and we’ve built deep expertise into the tools and practices they use. Especially for clients with data privacy issues, we understand how to protect and secure their systems.

Our philosophy is to be responsive, thorough, transparent, and reliable. Our promise is that with our support, you won’t need to call on us often, but when you do we’ll be there, any time. Like Apple, we believe that we are a smart strategic investment for your business.