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21 Huge TikTok Trends & How to Find New Ones

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As TikTok’s popularity continues to boom, more and more people are heading to the app to see what’s hot in fashion, music, food, art, etc. The video-sharing platform’s straightforward usability and intelligent algorithm create a revolving cycle of TikTok trends that swiftly go in and out of popularity no matter how niche or unique your For You page might be.

What is a TikTok trend?

A TikTok trend is a sound, dance, hashtag, or video format that goes viral. Once a trend kicks off, others will jump on the bandwagon while the content is still fresh. Eras of TikTok can be remembered through popular trending sounds or formats, and trends that are only a year old can feel absolutely ancient given how quickly they go in and out of style.

Trends are great for TikTok creators because they inspire fresh, regular content for an algorithm that rewards consistency. Trends can also help launch careers and grow small businesses, and being early to a trend can also lead to millions of video views and raise a creator’s popularity. In short, TikTok trends make up the structure for a lot of popular content on the app, so it’s vital to be on top of what’s new if you’re planning on using TikTok for business or pleasure.

Original article written by Emily Browne – click here to read the full article and learn about the trends that can impact your business

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