Audrey Isenor

Owner of Isenor Live Mediation Services

Audrey Isenor is one of ten Second Start Finalists, and specializes in helping those in stressful situations through mediation services; saving client time, stress, excessive legal fees and court costs.

About Isenor Live Mediation Services

At some point, everyone experiences stressful, tough circumstances. Difficulties may arise when families clash over a problem or employees experience conflicts at work. Often, people slog through the predicament themselves, but there are times when communication breaks down, and situations just can’t move forward towards resolution.
The expensive result of such clashes is people end up in court for solutions. This is especially true and unfortunate for families. Factors that lead to family battles include marriage problems, extended family relations, finances, employment issues, and child-rearing differences.

Another major source of family stress is caring for an aging family member. Sometimes difficult decisions must be made when it comes to the individual’s health care, finances, living arrangements, assigning a power of attorney, and settling a will.

Isenor Live Mediation Services saves people a great deal of stress, time, excessive legal fees, and court costs. Audrey Isenor, owner and founder of the company says, “We are in the conflict resolution business and we provide meaningful, interest-based mediation services for families, the elderly, and the workplace. We provide a neutral, confidential, sensitive, knowledgeable forum to discuss issues openly, and the opportunity to come to an agreement. We help avoid wasted time, excessive legal fees, and possibly going to court which is both costly and stressful. Through successful mediation, Isenor Live Mediation Services allows for the continuation of relationships.”

Audrey’s Background

Audrey’s background includes a career in the legal industry, volunteer work with Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region, and a post graduate certificate in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution from Durham College. She says, “I believe in forthright and open communication, and my role as a mediator helps facilitate open and honest discussions during difficult and stressful times. My training, education, and work history have provided me with a strong capability to work in tough situations. My life experience has provided me with an understanding of many of the issues facing separating families, dealing with elder issues, and when family and work lives collide. ”

Isenor Live Mediation Services Helps

Audrey’s specialty is Elder Mediation – the mediation of any conflict or disagreement involving an older adult. She is an expert regarding issues associated with seniors. Some concerns include retirement, living arrangements, health care, guardianship, medical decisions, safety and environment, and estate planning. Audrey is currently completing the first ever, province-wide Elder Mediation Training, and expects to be the only Accredited Elder Mediator between Toronto and Ottawa by January 2017. She is a member of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and is a designated Qualified Mediator with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

“Raising awareness of the benefits of mediation is one of my prime challenges and, in particular, with elder mediation. I hear a lot of stories of serious conflict where someone like me could have helped alleviate many of the stressful issues,” Audrey says. “I am here to help with essential and difficult conversations, am affordable, and can save you time, money, and a great deal of stress, allowing for the continuation of your most important relationships.”

** Content written by Kay Kierstead – Kay’s Digital Quill