Angie Henderson

Owner of Freckle Face Jewellry

As a BACD Second Start finale winner, Angie produces beautifully hand crafted jewelry that aims to “inspire women to feel confident, while also giving them the opportunity to express who they are.”

About Angie

Growing up, Angie Henderson was regularly called Freckle Face and it felt like a negative thing. But today, she says, “I have grown to love the uniqueness and beauty of each freckle! I chose the name Freckle Face because every woman is unique and beautiful!

What inspired Angie to start Freckle Face Jewellery

Freckle Face designs earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in a variety of styles so there is something for every woman regardless of size or age. Angie shares, “I was inspired by a necklace sold in a bead store. I went to that bead store and didn’t glance at a single bead. I purchased the necklace and off I went. Later, I was admiring the necklace and thought, ‘I think I could make this.’ My love for making jewelry grew from there.”

It wasn’t long before friends and family were making requests for some of Angie’s creations. Angie believes that jewelry can be that one thing that always make you feel good regardless of what else may be happening – a bad hair day, tight clothes, skin break-outs, etc.

“I absolutely love finding new, fresh pieces to work with and trying out various designs,” she says. “There is a feeling that comes for me when I know a piece is how it should be. It looks right, feels right, and I feel ‘full.’ Full of happiness, pride, and excitement to share my creation with others.”

Angie shares that her work is an extension of who she is. She loves to work with various materials such as coloured metals, antique brass, silver, and copper. She especially enjoys making unique combinations by intertwining and mixing materials in her designs.

Angie’s Background

Angie worked in the corporate world for many years and felt like all she was doing was helping a corporation make more money. She wanted to feel like she was making a difference in society and not just helping the big guys get richer.
“When I started my business, I realized I could do something to impact women in a positive way. We have so many pressures out there of how we ‘should’ look. I want to encourage women to feel confident in their own skin and be their most fabulous self. So here I am!”

What Angie’s Clients are saying

One of Angie’s clients says, “I simply cannot say enough. I now own six unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery, each with its own personal touch. Angie is absolutely amazing to work with. She’s responsive, flexible, and such a warm, fun person. Thank you so much!” – Elisha Bonner

Another client shares, “I absolutely love Freckle Face jewellery. It is unique, personal, and wonderful. This jewellery has become my go to gift for the beautiful women in my life, including myself! Most recently, I needed a last minute gift for a music teacher. Angie was able to put together a very beautiful, perfect necklace and so quickly! I absolutely recommend, Angie!” – Stana Marinovic Phillips

** Content written by Kay Kierstead – Kay’s Digital Quill