Cher de la Cruz

Owner of FemFab

If you’re a female, entrepreneur Cher de la Cruz wants you to look, feel and be fabulous. Her company, FemFab translates her vision with on trend T-s, totes, hats, aprons and mugs that sport inspirational sayings designed to promote a mindset that accents the positive and points the way to success.

Cher developed and launched the company in 2009 to give expression to her own creativity and inspire other women to ‘spread their wings and fly’. A wife, Mom and involved member of the __ community, Cher puts her money where her sentiments are, donating a portion of the sale of every girls’ tee sold to Girls Inc. of Durham.

Enjoying moderate success operating the company on a part-time basis, Cher came to BACD to discuss how she could grow her company while retaining her unique vision and brand. Then, an extraordinary opportunity to realize her goals came out of her follow-through on a strategic marketing idea. An approach to the public relations company that supplies The Toronto Film Festival with ‘swag bags’ for all the celebrities that attend the festival chose Cher’s FemFab to hold all the items that will give to the celebs and key media during the 2011 Festival. The FemFab brand will also be promoted in press releases to over 30,000 media outlets including Elle Magazine, National Post, Toronto Life, Virgin Radio and more.

‘This is a huge promotional opportunity for me’,enthuses Cher. ‘There’s definitely a cost but I know it will be well worth the investment. This will definitely take FemFab to the next level!”

Congratulations Cher! You are fabulous!