513 Westney Rd S, Ajax ON L1S 6W8


Rhea Howley


Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre aims to bring an innovative and impactful experience of high-quality dance training at both the recreational and competitive level. Our extensive dance programs include jazz, tap, ballet, acro, lyrical, musical theatre and hip-hop classes that promote coordination, creativity, self-confidence, self-discipline creating a healthy mind and body.

What inspired you to start your own business?
After teaching dance in many different environments and settings to a wide range of demographics, I felt that My team and I have a very unique perspective on what we would like our performing arts studio to accomplish and how it should make our students feel when they attend. Our unique perspective was something I thought was missing in Durham and felt we could offer new and exciting opportunities to the community we were naturally building.
What helped you when working with BACD and how did it impact you and your business?
The BACD helped me level up my organization and systems. I always thought I was pretty organized and structured but I was also burning out and not practising self-care. The support the BACD gave me allowed me to develop better systems and practises so that I could spend more time with my family and start making time for myself. This impacted my business by keeping me rejuvenated and innovative with my new found energy. I was also able to be more productive because I wasn’t so scattered.
Tell us about the growth of your business. How many employees, locations etc?
Our business has doubled in capacity from the 1st year of operations to the 2nd. We now live in a 3000 sq ft facility with sprung dance floors, a lunch area, change rooms and 3 bathrooms. We have grown to 5 teachers qualified staff. We have grown our offering to include birthday parties, camps and special events
What marketing strategies have been successful for you?
Word of mouth has been our best friend! We have also had success from Facebook ads and being involved in community events.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?
Start slow and build a proper foundation. This journey is not a race to see how much you can accomplish in a short space of time. Pacing yourself can help avoid a lot of heartache and headache in the future!