Ann Powell

Home Healing Hues

Home Healing Hues is an Interior decorating company located in Durham Region that specializes in creating healing spaces.
People come to us because they, or a loved one, need a place to get well as they deal with a broad range of mental, emotional, and physical illnesses and injuries. Many of our clients include those with depression, migraines, cancer, or life-changing situations such as marriage break-ups or the loss of a loved one.
Home Healing Hues provides a range of services packaged to fit the needs and budget of each client: Brush Up, Do Over and Reno Overhaul.

Home Healing Hues was inspired by my best friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She initially loved her red family room, however did not want to come home to that colour while undergoing chemotherapy treatment.   It is said that red brings out anger and that is not a good colour to be in when you have cancer.  The colour that resonated with her was green.  To her it was a relaxing and soothing colour to come home to.

While on this journey with her it was reaffirmed to me that I wanted to decorate the homes of children and adults living with cancer.

Some of the challenges I face as a business owner is knowing where to invest my money for the biggest return and that going for the cheapest quote is not always the answer.

BACD was instrumental in helping me with market research and business planning.  I recommend that businesses go to BACD with their questions and listen to their advice.