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Shop Small Yourself this Holiday Season

It's no surprise that the Holiday Season is the time of year where retailers make the biggest part of their revenues for the year. As a small business owner, you can be the change and choose to invest your dollars with small businesses for both your personal and business needs. When you shop small, the majority of your dollars stay in your community and create wealth and jobs for your neighbours and keep small businesses in business.

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21 Huge TikTok Trends & How to Find New Ones

As TikTok’s popularity continues to boom, more and more people are heading to the app to see what’s hot in fashion, music, food, art, etc. The video-sharing platform’s straightforward usability and intelligent algorithm create a revolving cycle of TikTok trends that swiftly go in and out of popularity no matter how niche or unique your For You page might be.  

Here’s How to Get Visitors to a New Website (Even If You Don’t Know Where to Begin)

Whether you’re trying to attract your first customer or your 1,000th customer, generating more traffic to your online store is a crucial part of growing your business. If your site is properly optimized for conversions, getting an increase in web traffic could mean more customers and more sales.

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