Top Tips for Starting a Business While Working Full Time

Top Tips for Starting a Business While Working Full Time

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Many entrepreneurs start out the same way, with a full time job they use to pay the bills while they’re actually dreaming of a different kind of life. The stories of prodigies who start successful businesses right out of high school or college might make for good reading, but the reality for most entrepreneurs looks different.

That’s not a bad thing. Some life and work experience can come in very handy when starting a business of your own, and having the safety net of a regular paycheque can help cut down considerably on the financial stress of building a new business from scratch.

A study from the Academy of Management Journal even suggests that hybrid entrepreneurs—those who start businesses while still working full time—are more likely than those who dive right into full-time entrepreneurship to succeed at getting their businesses off the ground.

Of course, there are unique challenges to starting your business as a side hustle. Full-time jobs are often demanding and, between commuting, working, and meeting the other obligations in your life, it can feel like there’s no time left to take on the massive task of starting a brand new business.

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