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Denise Branton

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Branton Law Professional Corporation, Barrister & Solicitor, Owner

Denise has been working in the legal services field for 20 years and practicing law for 13 years. Denise moved her practice to Whitby after working downtown Toronto for 5 years. When advising clients, Denise provides a grounded and practical perspective. Denise focuses on understanding her clients’ needs, delivering quality services and quality results. Branton Law clients value our team's ability to make their legal matters "make sense", and appreciate the firm's commitment to open communication.

At Branton Law, we’re good at providing the necessary details that protect you and your business: the pitfalls that may lay in a lease agreement, how to deal with employee issues, or how to manage the due diligence process involved in your business purchase.

We can also help you handle the complexities of buying or selling a business or bringing on additional shareholders. We’re here to take care of those details so you can take care of your business. These are just some of the services we can provide to the owners and operators of today’s small and mid-sized businesses.

Services: Business Sales and Purchases (Asset and Share Transactions), Contracts, Leases, Commercial Real Estate transactions, Franchise Agreements, Shareholder Agreements

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