684 Glencairn Street, Oshawa, ON L1J 5A7


John Draper

Found of Together We Rock!

Established in 2006, Together We Rock! is a socially responsible business that inspires learning and champions leadership to create accessible and inclusive communities. John Draper is a motivational presenter whose powerful message is delivered with humour and passion. The Together We Rock! LIVE30 leadership initiative challenges participants to take “one step” to effect social change within 30 days.

How did BACD help you get started?

The Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) has contributed to the success of Together We Rock! The Together We Rock! team has participated in numerous BACD seminars and workshops on a wide range of business topics, from marketing and effective communication to social media strategies and business operations. Our team has also benefitted from the expertise and guidance of the BACD business consultant.

Together We Rock! would highly recommend any entrepreneur to seek out the services of the BACD – You Rock!