Whitby, ON


Anameka Dharry


MEEKS DESIGNS is a fun and exciting place to shop and find intriguing items and gadgets at
competitive prices that expresses the value of unique gift giving.

What inspired you to start your own business?
Moving from an Engineering and Design background into the role of a ‘stay at home mom,’ I was curious and determined to explore options to keep myself occupied while earning an income for my family.

What value did you receive from BACD?
There is not enough webpage space to describe what BACD has done to bring me to this point. BACD has guided me every step of the way to gain confidence to take the steps that were necessary to understand and function as an active business. I have discovered new skills that I never knew I had. BACD helped me expand and connect with other similar business persons experiencing similar issues in Durham.

What marketing strategies have been useful for your business?
Marketing is all new to me but with guidance from the BACD I have developed a new skill in SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing. From the connections we have made on the Social Media Platforms we have developed and are growing the interest in our business.

What advice would you give some starting a business?
I would definitely encourage you to pursue the steps to start a business. The entrepreneurial spirit, passion and drive will burn in you and push you ahead to success.

I would like to encourage anyone with a passion or an idea to approach the BACD as they would provide apt guidance and focus to carry you through from startup to the operations stage of your business. They have done this for me even through trying times for a startup business.