Uxbridge, Ontario


Matthew Cooke


You make the music, we make sure you get heard & paid, it’s that easy. We also have an exclusive recording studio and access to discounted rates, in the songwriting salt cave, right down the hall, from our control room.

Tell us how the Digital Main Street / Digital Durham Program has helped you and your business

My website was cluttered, disorganized and wasn’t fulfilling, its purpose. With Emily’s help, I added a booking calendar, removed unnecessary content, fixed fonts, to have a more consistent flow, created more action buttons and brought the most relevant information, my clients would be looking for, at a quick glance. My average user time, went from around 2 minutes, to now over 10 minutes according to my most recent google analytics report. That’s a major improvement. Our music streams have also increased, where we get paid, for every stream. I look forward to continue building my SEO, with your team, to produce even more traffic and build my o online presence. Thank you!

No matter how far your business has come along, there’s always room for improvement. We have to be willing to reach out, for help, support and a second opinion. This program is perfect for any business, looking for an online solution, to drive more leads and sales.

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