Lillian McGee-Hudson


I sell home workout equipment that makes working accessible for anyone, anywhere at anytime. I have started with resistance bands ranging from light, medium and heavy resistance for lower body exercises and stretches. I also have a long band that has a medium/heavy resistance which is perfect for upper body exercises and stretching.

  • I am a frequent traveller being a flight attendant and always found that there was a lack of workout equipment that is travel friendly and for people on the go. I figured that if I was struggling working out in these situations then there were others as well. I wanted to create products that made living a healthy lifestyle even if you live a busy life possible for everyone.

  • The BACD helped me in so many ways when it came to my business. Attending the online seminars on specific topics such as e-commerce and social media marketing really helped me when it came down to picking which platforms i wanted for my business and what the best ways were going to be to get my business out there. Having a mentor who was able to help me when i got to road blocks such as international taxes on my products and the different options available for shipping. Ultimately BACD helped me turn my dream into a business.

  • When i first started looking into starting a business in the fitness industry i started an instagram page sharing my workouts, recipes and tips for living a healthy lifestyle. I now have 3200 followers in just a short few month. Everything for my business is ready to start selling my products are almost here

  • Sharing videos on how to use my bands in different ways for example leg, ab and arm workouts and how to stretch with the bands. Generating a hashtag #lifebands for people to use when they post videos or pictures with the bands so that i can repost them and it forms a community

  • You are never too young or too old to start a business. If you start now you are one step closer than you were yesterday