Shane Herbert

Hyper Recovery

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Moving out to Ajax, Ontario when he was only 13 years of age, Shane was forced to meet new people and adapt to new surroundings. But this was not the only thing that was out of his realm of knowledge. Ajax Ontario was also the place where he was introduced to football. Playing four high school seasons at Pickering High School, Shane led the Trojans to 3 straight Metro Bowl Championship berths. He had a natural talent for the game and decided to take his talents west on the 401 to Laurier University where he played 5 seasons and started 26 games. Shane’s hard work and determination earned him a spot on the Toronto Argonauts Football roster where he continues to excel both on and off the field. He is currently a 3-year Canadian Football League veteran who is very active in his community. Shane demonstrates a passion for helping others and being a positive role model for the youth.

History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

For many years, divers and scientists have known and documented the health advantages of breathing concentrated oxygen in a pressurized underwater environment. The benefits were so incredible that scientists developed chambers to simulate the conditions of breathing high levels of oxygen while underwater. So began a very simple treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Historically, these devices are expensive, very restrictive, and not easily accessed, until now.


Through Shane’s involvement in contact sports for more than 10 years, he has always been searching for ways to accelerate natural healing and recovery. Shane noticed that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was widely used in professional leagues around the world, specifically in the United States. Used heavily to promote rehabilitation, doctors were using mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) as part of an athlete’s recovery plan. As a result, injured competitors were healing faster and able to return to their sport quicker due to mHBOT treatments.

Shane felt it was important that he apply his knowledge and experience from both football and schooling to help the ones around him benefit from this incredible therapy. He decided to help make mHBOT therapy available to the public by founding his company, HyperRecovery.

What is it?

The pressure in the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber dissolves oxygen directly into the body’s muscular skeletal system, which enriches the body with higher levels of oxygen. This increase in oxygen provides an additional source of energy for the repair process and responsible for fighting off infection, improving cell function, and promoting blood flow.

Purpose and Mission

The vision of HyperRecovery is to use Hyperbaric Oxygen technology as a resource that will improve the health of a diverse client base. HyperRecovery has a mobile chamber and strives for convenience by working together with clients to determine a suitable treatment time and location. HyperRecovery is Toronto’s first company to bring the benefits of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) right to its clients. This relaxing experience addresses a number of health concerns with amazing results. By visiting a convenient location or having a mobile unit come right to their door, many people are benefitting from this simple, yet effective therapy.

Key Influences

With the experts at BACD Shane was able to take his vision and develop a business that was both realistic and structurally sound. One of the most important things he learned was that any business as it begins to grow will constantly change. That in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to bend and adjust with the opportunities that are presented in front of you. BACD also introduced Shane to a range of local programs. Through the NEXT program, Shane was taught valuable tools for operating social media effectively and efficiently. He now finds a large portion of his customers though various social media outlets.

As an entrepreneur, Shane continues to expand his social network. He was assigned to his first mentor by BACD and since then has developed relationships with many business and individuals within his industry realm. It is through these people where he seeks advice and guidance.

For Shane, to build your own business you need to start with a vision. Your vision along with an experienced team will guide you through the rough patches and commemorate you during the accomplishments. The remainder of the success comes from sacrifice, hard work and dedication.