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Zoe Tsoraklidis, TUCU Managed IT Services Inc.

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Meet Zoe Tsoraklidis of TUCU Managed IT Services Inc.

Their mission is to help small business work like big business. With IT security and compliance systems in place – and IT support for your entire team, so that you can achieve your goals and work with ease & security everyday.

Tucu are also members of our BACD Referral Partners. Here to help you with your business needs.

What is a VPN -Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network is a tool used by businesses seeking ways to allow employees to work remotely.

How does a Virtual Private Network work?

Virtual private networks are used to setup a direct connection between your computer and the office by way of a private tunnel over the internet.

Normally, when you send information over the internet, it is sent as a piece of data called a packet. Often, packets are in plain text and can be easily read by anyone or scanned by Big Data. Packets also carry your IP address.

With a virtual private network, your packet is encapsulated inside of another packet to protect what you are transmitting. In this way, your sensitive information is better protected than if sent via email or open internet.

And using a VPN is easy. Logging in to your VPN is like just logging into a computer with a username and password. Only those with the correct login credentials can access the VPN. Just like a standard computer user profile or account, we can setup a VPN to only be accessible with certain permissions and restrictions.

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