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Top Apps for your Business

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These are some of the best apps to use for your business.  Keeping yourself organized and intentionally working towards your business goals can be easier wit these apps below.

Google Calendar

If it’s not in your calendar, you don’t have it in your plan.  If you don’t have it in your plan, you won’t be executing and implementing it.  A measure of success and progress is moving goals into tasks and tactics that get actioned.  If you want to learn more about how to increase productivity in google, watch Jeff Su’s channel here


Stitcher is one of the most popular audio platforms and focuses on the distribution of podcasts and, to a lesser extent, live radio.  Unlike other podcast services which focus on the playing of individual episodes, Stitcher sets itself apart by focusing on the continuous streaming of podcasts and radio stations from playlists that are either curated by Stitcher staff or the user. Listening to episodes one at a time is also possible, however.  You can download it from the Stitcher Website, IOS, Android, is supported in over 50 car models and the Amazon Echo Speaker.

I have started using this instead of the GMAIL client and I am really liking it. For a free app (paid for enterprise) it’s an amazing service loaded with features such as snoozing emails, a smart inbox that sorts emails into junk, newsletters, notifications and actual emails, templates, schedule send and syncing across and between devices.

TickTick has so many smart features that you would love. One place we spend a LOT of mental energy is remembering all we have  TO DO. This runs around in our head so we don’t forget.  TickTick can take care of that for you by organizing all aspects of your life.

Milanote – visual note taking for creatives

Traditional notes apps separate your notes into silos accessed by tags and search terms. But Milanote is different. You can arrange your notes side by side on an infinite canvas to start seeing patterns and connections.  It allows you to map out the sections of a project, a piece of writing or an argument by arranging your ideas side by side.  You can then use lines and colours to add another layer of meaning among many features.

1Password – A Canadian password manager  app

1Password is the easiest way to store and use strong passwords. Log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click.  It’s for families, teams, businesses and enterprises and easily works across all your devices. Save 12.5% on activating a subscription through Rakuten digital coupons.


If you are anything like me, I have content, bookmarks, video’s, blogs, books I want to read and buy, posts saved across all my devices and it can get to be overwhelming if you are actually looking for the “Thing” you had bookemarked.  nd Instapaper, but there was always something that kept me from using those apps.


As Zapier says “Imagine all the apps you use for work talking to each other. Zapier connects 5,000+ apps so the conversation flows—automatically.”  Zapier helps you connect two apps using the Trigger and Action function.  For example, if you get a new lead on Facebook, add it to your email subscriber list or add Eventbrite attendees to a Google Spreadsheet list.  There are so many recipes you can create that saves you oodles of time!

Almost everyone knows the power of Canva for their small business content creation.  Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more. One of my favourite Youtube channels to learn all about it’s capabilities and new features is “design with Canva

Do you have favourite and useful apps you would like to share?  I’d love to hear


Article written by Teresa Shaver

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