Canadian Food Labelling Regulations Webina

Join the Government of Ontario in collaboration with the Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) for a free webinar providing an overview of the Canadian Food Labelling Regulations.All mandatory labelling elements will be discussed including ingredient lists, allergen statements, Nutrition Facts, net weight, bilingual requirements and more.We will also cover requirements surrounding voluntary claims, CFIA enforcement and upcoming regulations like the Front-of-Package nutrition symbols.

2023-11-16T15:41:08-05:0013 November 2023||

Canadian Food Safety Requirements

Join the Government of Ontario, in collaboration with NSF International - the Public Health and Safety Organization, for a free webinar that will provide an overview of Canadian Food Safety requirements; local to national regulations. The presentation will focus on traceability, including some discussion on e-commerce and how regulations apply.REGISTER NOW

2023-11-13T11:28:39-05:0013 November 2023|
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