Intellectual Property

Progress with IP: IP Abroad

In this live presentation, you'll learn the basics of protecting your IP outside Canada. We'll explain the importance of protecting your IP in countries where you plan on doing business, why you should avoid disclosing your IP before you protect it, what you should know about your target countries and the different ways you can apply for IP rights abroad.

Getting started with IP: protecting the look

In this live presentation, we’ll explain how IP rights can have an impact on consumers’ opinions and choices. You’ll learn the basics of industrial designs and what they can protect. We’ll talk about the importance of designs and other IP rights and their relation with consumers’ purchasing habits, and building of a brand reputation.

Getting started with IP: Trademarks

In this live presentation, you'll learn the basics of trademarks. We'll talk about the different types of trademarks and what they can protect. We'll explain what to include in your registration application and how avoid some of the most common mistakes when creating a trademark.

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