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Shelley Harrop, Beyond Insurance

Shelley Harrop
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Beyond Insurance is a member of the BACD’s Expert Network.  As a member, they are committed to helping you get the insurance and coverage you need for your business and personal life!

The thought of all the things that can go wrong are enough to keep many business owners up at night. What if you suffer a loss or damage to your equipment? What if someone was injured as a result of your work? Investing in business insurance may seem like something you just can’t afford until the worst happens. When the worst happens it can threaten and/or destroy everything you worked so hard for. It doesn’t matter if your business big or small we can create a business insurance plan that matches your needs.

Let Shelley offer her experience and expertise to help you.

Types of Insurance: Business, Professional Liability, Commercial Automobile, Administration Bonds, Personal Home and Personal Automobile Insurance

Call: 905.666.7600 Email:

Beyond Insurance Brokers Inc

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