Marcus Marques

Marcus graduated from Ryerson University in 2019 with a degree in Business Management (Law & Business major). Shortly after started working at Abrisuite in Business Development helping businesses with all their IT needs. Marcus is passionate about helping small and medium businesses leverage new and existing technologies to develop a competitive advantage. Communicating with honesty, clarity and expertise we are able to assess each and every business for technological innovation how they can compete in the growing digital marketplace.

Working together with a team with a wealth of experience in the IT industry, we have helped clients improve their bottom-line and become more efficient. Let us handle your technological work for you, so you can focus on critical business processes.

Contact Abrisuite for expertise in these areas:

  1. Digital Transformation: e-commerce, workflow automation, customer relationship management (CRM), website design, etc.
  2. IT Security (Managed Security Service Provider): firewall, endpoint protection, data leak prevention, patch management, etc.
  3. IT Managed Services (Managed Service Provider): co-location, dedicated remote IT staff.

Please contact Marcus and his team if:

  1. If you’re caught up in too much paperwork and don’t have time for business-critical activities.
  2. Feel like your competitors are accessing and leveraging every technology possible to drive business.
  3. Have recently had your business data compromised or want to build a more robust IT Security strategy.
  4. Don’t want to hire IT professionals or don’t have resources have an entire IT department.
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