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Joe Theriault

? Hi there! I’m Joe Theriault – and I’m obsessed with all things that help small business owners get more online visibility, more opportunities and more revenue.

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StandOut Social Marketing

The mission of StandOut Social Marketing is to help businesses increase their marketing ROI through a structured, positive and professional relationship that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful strategies to grow their businesses.

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Brendan Scott

Commerce Connect E-Commerce Solutions is an agency situated in the Durham region. We help local businesses grow revenue by better connecting them to the online marketplace and to help better identify, establish, & optimize their e-commerce potential.

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Audra Leslie

Graymatter Marketing & Media is a full-service firm with experience in all aspects of strategic development. Our services include branding and custom design, online strategies, relationship building, web development, SEO, electronic marketing, social media, video creation, media purchasing and custom magazine publishing, which are all key to strong brand growth.

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Norm Jolin

Norm is first and foremost a very talented, highly skilled designer and brand development pro. An experienced award winning graphic designer, seasoned art director, and an astute creative director, Norm has over 20 years experience helping companies build and maintain brands.Beyond this all-important surface, you’ll come to discover and appreciate some of the finer points of why Norm is a uniquely qualified creative communicator. You’ll first learn he is an attentive, service-oriented professional and you’ll see why clients enjoy working with him to solve their problems.What it may take you longer to learn are the details of how Norm came to be a Renaissance man of sorts. He is an accomplished guitar player (and guitar-maker) and songwriter who has performed live before upwards of 30,000 fans. He is Sensei Norm Jolin, holding the rank of mokuroku (4th degree black belt) in the traditional Japanese martial art, Aiki-Jujutsu. Plus he’s a photographer. And he’s a hockey goaltender. And you’ll discover there’s even more to Norm, once you get to know him.

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Andrea Rowland

Andrea Rowland is the founder and creative mind of B-Zinga, a digital marketing agency located in Durham Region. B-Zinga helps entrepreneurs and businesses optimize their digital marketing to build impactful brands online and reach their marketing goals.

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