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StandOut Social Marketing

The mission of StandOut Social Marketing is to help businesses increase their marketing ROI through a structured, positive and professional relationship that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful strategies to grow their businesses.

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Make It Happen Services

Orzala is the owner of Make it Happen Services. An online marketing boutique that helps small businesses develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy using social media and direct email marketing techniques. Orzala is passionate about helping small businesses grow their online presence furthering their business success.

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Kevin D’Arcy

Thinkfuel helps companies improve their lead generation, enhance customer acquisition, and increase revenue. With over 20 years of inbound marketing, sales management and marketing automation experience, Kevin brings a straightforward approach to marketing with results that can be measured.

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Audra Leslie

Graymatter Marketing & Media is a full-service firm with experience in all aspects of strategic development. Our services include branding and custom design, online strategies, relationship building, web development, SEO, electronic marketing, social media, video creation, media purchasing and custom magazine publishing, which are all key to strong brand growth.

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Andrea Rowland

Andrea Rowland is the founder and creative mind of B-Zinga, a digital marketing agency located in Durham Region. B-Zinga helps entrepreneurs and businesses optimize their digital marketing to build impactful brands online and reach their marketing goals.

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