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Press Release: LaunchIt Program – a new program to launch your business

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Mar 17, 2022 Whitby, Ontario

The Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) is excited to launch a new program called LaunchIt! for budding entrepreneurs to finally launch their business!  With running over 200 workshops a year, BACD’s Business Advisors have listened to the challenges entrepreneurs face and saw an opportunity to create a program that will help business owners launch a successful business.

The challenges this program serves to address are to help entrepreneurs have a structured step-by-step program that helps them to start and launch their business.  The program includes business training workshops, co-working, networking, presentations from subject matter experts such as lawyers and accountants as well as business coaching. Entrepreneurs do not have to do it alone, they can have the support of the Business Advisory Centre Durham and their fellow entrepreneurs.

There are many research studies around how a business coach or mentor positively impacts the entrepreneur and the business viability.  There are many skills, knowledge and wisdom transferred during these sessions that really assist the business owner in being able to run their business.  It’s no secret that businesses have a high failure rate – working with a coach or being part of a program really helps to lower that failure rate.  Durham Region is growing and we want our business community to prosper and grow too by creating successful businesses that create wealth and jobs for themselves and others.

The program starts April 21, 2022 and takes 9 weeks.  It provides structure, accountability and a community to be part of.   We mean business and that means that we will help entrepreneurs with making the right decisions and taking action on them. 

The business training includes business planning, conducting market research, digital marketing, web & SEO, Financials, Budgets and Operations. More specifically helping entrepreneurs to:

  • Create a predictable sales process to hit and exceed goals
  • Build consistent traffic flow to their business
  • Make more sales without burning out – looking at scalable business strategies
  • Master the entrepreneur mindset and reframing thinking patterns for success
  • Build robust systems and process to manage growth and to build a business that is an asset

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the biggest personal development projects that an entrepreneur can embark on.  They are outside their comfort zone frequently, often alone with decisions to be made, paddling water, drinking from a firehouse or being rejected.  There is also a healthy debate about whether Entrepreneurs are born or made and that entrepreneurship can be learned.   Owning a business teaches dedication, resilience and to trust in the unknown.   

Therefore, we’d like to support these entrepreneurs in their journey of successful business ownership. 

The program is limited to 15 entrepreneurs – apply now!

Click here to learn more about the program



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