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Nicole Gibson, Executive Director of the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade

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Nicole talks about the importance of businesses coming together and supporting each other at this time, along with some of her own experiences that have lead her to broaden her perspective. For more information about Nicole and APBOT, please scroll down below.

The words “Chamber of Commerce / Board of Trade” mean the same, one is English and one is French.  The Ajax Pickering Board of Trade has been the Voice of Business and advocating for their members for over 65 years.  Being the member of the Board of Trade has many benefits including opportunities to network, be part of any advocacy groups or join a committee.  Networking and being part of the community is a great business strategy for your business.  Your network really can be your networth!

Passionate about business and the community, Nicole is more than happy to have you connect with her and see what you can gain as a member of their Board of Trade.

Listen in on our conversation below!

Find out about membership:


Phone: (905) 686-0883



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