Sheila Hall, Executive Director of the Clarington Board of Trade

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I am thrilled to chat with Sheila Hall, Executive Director & Economic Development Officer for the Clarington Board of Trade and Office of Economic Development about their organization and the good work they are doing in the Durham Region.  I have known Sheila for over 15 years but never really had a chance to chat with her candidly about business and the passion we both have to support entrepreneurs, businesses and the exciting future opportunities for growth here in Durham Region.

The Municipality of Clarington, like most of Durham Region is experiencing significant growth which more opportunities for our businesses.  A big difference for the Clarington Board of Trade is that they hold the contract for managing Economic Development for the Municipality of Clarington which means that they support and provide programs and activities that work to improve the economic wellbeing of the Clarington area.  I enjoyed our heartfelt conversation and in getting to know more about the good work they do.

The Clarington Board of Trade is a business association that offers businesses and members many opportunities to grow, connect and market themselves.

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