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How 2022 Consumer Trends Can Inform your Marketing Efforts

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I read this very interesting report on US Consumer Trends for 2022 – it’s a great report to find inspiration for your marketing campaigns and to better understand your target audiences as well as what the general sentiment is of consumers. These trends could impact how you communicate based on what consumers are influenced by and what they are interested in seeing from brands and businesses. I have summarized key points to consider, however, if you would like the detailed report, you can get your own here Keep in mind this is US Data and Canada is generally a little behind in the trends – however, this means with this data you could be ahead of the curve in realizing opportunities for your business and to capitalize on these ideas.

The 2022 Consumer looks like:

37% favour online shopping for non food products

65% are the working population WFH at least one day a week

47% are trying to improve their fitness

57% want to hear humourous messaging from brands 3

0.5% are saving for a holiday

19% got a pet during the pandemic, only 7% had a baby

Sentiment trends

  • Covid-19 is STILL a hot topic
  • Brand Messaging should be humourous and raise a smile or invoke motivation
  • Brands need to take a stand on inequality, racism, climate change and women’s trends
  • Gen-Z Lowest receptivity to email with 26% of those surveyed wanting an email only once a week, followed by several times being 19%
  • Brand interaction on social media is up with TikTok and Instagram having the highest interactions
  • Gen Z is all over Insta (62%) and YouTube (57%), Millennials love Facebook (69%) and YouTube (55%), while Gen X and Boomers show a strong preference for Facebook (66% and 55% respectively
  • Ecommerce has benefited enormously from the pandemic and US customers still favour online shopping with 37% say they ‘mostly’ or ‘always’ shop online for products excluding food.
  • Consumers are watching their pennies, with millennials saving the most money.
  • People are hankering for a vacation and shopping is the most popular pastime.

Lifestyle Trends:

  • WFH will be a trend that stays as an increase in companies allowing flexible working continues
  • Wellness is a priority and Fitness is one lifestyle trend that looks set to be huge in 2022.
  • Sustainability is another trend to undoubtedly shape 2022 as the climate crisis has become a permanent fixture in the daily news

Media consumption trends:

  • Collapse in people viewing the news due to fatigue for bad news
  • Social is the US’s favourite channel to engage with
  • Youtube is the US’s favourite social media platform
  • More radio being listened to


US Media Consumption Trends


So what does this mean for you as a business? 

  1. Include humour in your messaging
  2. Have an omni channel strategy (online, in person, curb side pickup etc.)
  3. If your business is in the industries that are hot (Fitness, Sustainability) think of ways to expand on it
  4. Make sure you are relating to your customers if they are millennial or Gen-Z
  5. Consider Youtube as a channel to grow your expertise

Article written by Teresa Shaver

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